Light is the muse that inspires and shapes each of our creations. We want to skilfully combine beauty and technical solutions, creating works of light suspended between tradition and modernity. Harmonious shapes and experimentation with new materials make Contemporanea a company that constantly renews Man’s relationship with light, evoking emotions and magic.

Contemporanea offers design services for public and private interiors and exteriors. Working together with our clients, we create a new way of experiencing space by shaping dynamic lighting elements, the real key to giving character and personality to any type of environment. Each of our projects stems from the desire to create beauty.

We work side by side with internationally renowned designers and master glassmakers to improve our proposal day after day. Continuous research and development of new technological solutions is the constant that unites our offer.

International presence

Contemporanea, founded in 1994, has grown over time to an international dimension. Thanks to a well-established network of collaborators spread all over the world, it is able to handle a wide range of solutions. The presence of a commercial reality in the USA serves as the nerve centre of our global market, where Contemporanea promotes the excellence of made in Italy by developing an active confrontation with new challenges and spaces where one can get involved with an inexhaustible desire to amaze.

Countries we operate in

International Headquarters

Two brands, one comprehensive service

Contemporanea Group brings together under one umbrella two brands that have made lighting innovation their distinguishing factor. Contemporanea and Sikrea have different souls, but are united by the same love for the art of light.


Contemporanea, the group’s flagship brand, stands out for its ability to combine the glassmaking tradition of the most exquisite Italian craftsmanship with first-class technical and production skills. A true made-to-measure service. A team capable of offering the customer customised products with a Contract formula.


Sikrea’s story is one of innovation and continuous research: the product collection combines dynamic and fluid shapes to create precious objects characterised by disruptive styles and materials. Trendy and avant-garde products dedicated to a receptive and dynamic clientele.

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