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Contemporanea Srl

Artists of Light

Since 2002, the year in which Contemporanea Srl was founded, our company stands out for the passion with which we combine tradition and technology in a unique and recognizable style. Our products are not only the result of continuous research and refinement but represent the perfect synthesis between the finest craftsmanship and the art of light.

Today Contemporary thanks to its experience, craftsmanship in the design and manufacture of custom products, it consolidates its presence in the market with collections available in the catalog.

Since 2002, foundation year of Contemporanea Srl, our company has been characterized by the passion with which we bring together tradition and technology in a unique style. Our products are not only the result of endless research and refinement, but they represent the perfect mix between the most elegant handicraft and the Art of light.

Thanks to our experience in custom products realization, Contemporanea has consolidated its position in the international market.

Contract customization services

Contract design services crown our offer. We create unique and exclusive light works based on the requests of our customers. Artists, technicians and engineers work together to create, design and build custom crafted products. Light has never been so beautiful.

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Catalog products always available

Thanks to the union of a skilled craftsmanship and technological research, Contemporanea Srl is able to satisfy your every request. A selection of our most beautiful collections. The products in our catalog are light creations forged with the same passion with which we carry out each project.

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An international presence

Contemporanea Srl has brought its ability to excite by creating light sculptures all over the world. Our art, all Italian, is based on concreteness and aesthetic value. Functionality and magic are the pillars of our collections.

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A dependable group behind

Contemporanea Group brings together under the same group three brands that have made innovation their strong point.


Contemporanea, the Group’s flagship brand, stands out for its ability to combine the glass tradition of the most exquisite Italian craftsmanship with first-rate technical and production capabilities.


The history of Sikrea is made of innovation and continuous research: the collection of products combines dynamic and fluid forms to create precious objects characterized by disruptive styles and materials.


Kelvin is daily committed to satisfying the demands of the technical lighting market through continuous and accurate research into trends and the best technological tools.

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