Italian Lighting Culture

Since its foundation in 1994, Contemporanea has been distinguished by its ability to combine tradition and technology. Design and engineering come together in a unique and recognisable style. Contract lighting products are not only the result of continuous research and refinement, but represent the perfect synthesis of the finest craftsmanship and the art of light.

Aesthetic value, new materials and innovative technology are the building blocks of Contemporanea’s Contract lighting. Each lamp is a poem of space suspended between tradition and modernity. Light, an impalpable source of inspiration, becomes the protagonist and stirs emotions.

Bespoke Contract Services

We realise unique and exclusive light works based on our customers’ requests. Contract design services are designed to create high-impact environmental installations. Artists, designers and engineers work together to design and build custom-made products.
With Contemporanea, light has never looked so beautiful.

International presence

Contemporanea Srl has taken its ability to excite all over the world by creating light sculptures. Each light point is custom-designed with sartorial care. Our all-Italian art is based on technical concreteness and aesthetic value. Functionality and magic are the pillars of our collections.

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