Light is the muse that inspire and model our creations. We want to unite beauty and technical solutions, realizing light works between tradition and modernity. The harmony of shapes and the testing of new materials, make Contemporanea Srl a company which renew in every moment the storytelling of light, giving strong emotions and magic.

Every project born from our desire to create beauty. We work with designers and glass masters famous all over the world to grow up every day our passion. Continued research and development of new technological solutions are the constants that give our offer something in common.

Contemporanea’s offer

Catalog products

With its catalog, Contemporanea offers a choice of products of unique elegance, capable of enhancing environments of any kind.

Constantly renovated, the Catalog includes fine artistic glasses, handmade according to the oldest and most complex techniques for blown glass processing.

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Contract planning services

Contemporanea provides a technical analysis of the concept: from consulting to the study of executive technical drawings, rendering, up to the choice of materials.

The Contract services allow our Customers to be at the center of every phase of the project, up to the realization of the proposed idea.

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International presence

Contemporanea, founded in 2002, has grown over time to reach an international dimension.

Thanks to a consolidated network of collaborators spread all over the world, it is able to manage a wide range of solutions.

Our US headquarter acts as the nerve center of our global market. Contemporanea promotes the excellence of Made in Italy by accepting new challenges in the lighting sector, with an inexhaustible desire to amaze.

States where we operate
International branches

Three brands, a complete service

Contemporary: in addition to the catalog, a real tailor-made service, a team able to offer customers customized customized products.

Sikrea: a collection of trendy and innovative products for a receptive and dynamic market.

Kelvin: decorative technical solutions, essential products for architectural environments.

Un solido gruppo alle spalle

Contemporanea Group riunisce sotto lo stesso gruppo tre brand che hanno fatto dell’innovazione il loro cavallo di battaglia.


Contemporanea, marchio flagship del gruppo, si distingue per la capacità di coniugare la tradizione vetraia del più squisito artigianato italiano con capacità tecniche e produttive di prim’ordine.


La storia di Sikrea è fatta di innovazione e ricerca continua: la collezione di prodotti coniuga forme dinamiche e fluide per realizzare oggetti pregiati caratterizzati da stili e materiali dirompenti.


Kelvin si impegna quotidianamente a soddisfare le richiesta del mercato dell’illuminazione tecnica tramite una continua e accurata ricerca dei trend e dei migliori strumenti tecnologici.

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