Design and Contract services

Contemporanea offers design and planning services for indoor and outdoor applications, both in private and public areas. By comparing ourselves with our customers, we create a new way of experiencing space by shaping dynamic lighting elements, a true keystone in giving character and personality to any type of environment.

Our services

We develop our customers’ ideas with exclusive proposals through technical drawings and rendering. The collaboration with emerging young professionals from the world of architecture and design has allowed Contemporanea to create exclusive solutions, able to combine high performance with modern design.

Advice in place

We are able to advise you in your choices to light up your rooms. Our advice will accompany you in defining and combining materials and supplies to create a harmony that identifies the style of your environment.


It is of fundamental importance to know our customers and their needs. We propose, based on our design and production know-how, the best solutions that take into account qualitative values and economic aspects.


The preliminary phases, which led to an overall definition of the project, are simulated through photo-realistic renderings to describe to the client how the project will be once completed.


Santa Cruz Hotel

The Santa Cruz Hotel develops around the contrast between geometric shapes. Contemporanea has conceived the lighting for all spaces. The rooms, the hall, the restaurants and the conference rooms have been designed with our custom design services.


What we do

Once the design work is completed, Contemporanea provides the Customer with a Dossier containing all the information relating to the Contract construction.

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